£ Friends 
& Company



Are you at Primary School and thinking of starting a money-making venture?

Do you want to raise some money but can't think how to do it?

Or maybe you have a great idea for a small business but not sure what to do next?  

You've come to the right place!  Friends and Company is a new series of books by Jan Deykin following
the adventures of 5 friends (aged 10 & 11) who stumble into being ‘entrepreneurs’ - that means starting
business activities - and find that they are actually quite good at it and helping people too.

When it launches, this website will help inspire you with lots of ideas and tips for running your business.  
Like the 5 friends - Flo, Siah, Jess, Georgie and Famke - you may only still be at Primary School but with a
bit of planning there’s no reason why you can’t be successful.
 Good luck and good trading.


5 minute tips:

How do I decide what to do?  The big 3: making things, doing things, trading things.
Making: what can I make that others might want - cakes, greetings cards, little furry bookmarks?
Doing: what service do people need - dog walking, car washing, pet feeding
Trading: buy a huge pack and sell individually at a good price.

Why am I doing this - to raise money for charity you'd like to help or to save up for something big?

Remember the 4 P's: Product (what am I selling), Place (where?), Price and Promotion (advertising)


£ Friends 
& Company